Elicko Taieb

Elicko Taieb – Applete Invention and Launch in the Fitness Industry

(Source) You may not know that they're only a few serial entrepreneurs in the world. Do you know why that is? Well, the main problem that comes with being a serial entrepreneur is that you have to turn your attention to a number of different business ventures across multiple industries. In simple words, that’s not easy! Many serial entrepreneurs have failed in doing so, but Elicko Taieb isn’t among those ...
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Elicko Taieb – Eli’s Mark in the Fitness Industry

(Source) There’s not a single instance in the life of an entrepreneur where they don’t wish to have multiple businesses running under their control. The main concern is that only a few can make that happen through their skills and dedication. Elicko Taieb is among the list of experienced business people and knows how to handle the pressure of operating in multiple industries at once. He is a serial entrepreneur ...
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elicko taieb

Elicko Taieb – Eli’s Success with Applete

Elicko Taieb took many industries by surprise when he started incredibly profitable business ventures. He started his career as a serial entrepreneur at the end of the last Millennia in 1999. Eli’s initial success came from the food industry. He operated nearly nine different restaurants and shops, including Amazing Pretzels and Richeli Deli. He quickly became famous in the serial entrepreneurial world. One thing that you should know about Eli ...
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Elicko Taieb – Were Eli’s Seed Investment Instrumental to the Success of Applete?

(Source) Elicko Taieb has left his mark across various industries. He is a renowned serial entrepreneur with a long list of achievements under his belt. Plus, he owns many businesses in industries like electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, food, CBD, daily deals aggregator, real estate, and more. Moreover, one of his major accomplishments is in the fitness industry, where he co-founded the Applete application by working closely with the then-future CEO of ...
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Elicko Taieb – How Did Eli’s Seed Investments Help the Fitness Industry?

Some of the best ventures of Elicko Taieb remain in the electronic cigarettes and food industry, while the others vary across different industries. A prime accomplishment of Eli Taieb as a serial entrepreneur and seed investor involves the fitness industry. If you know how the digital fitness industry operates, you will surely realize the potential benefits that the investment of Elicko Taieb brought. He helped in co-founding and funding the ...
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