Some of the best ventures of Elicko Taieb remain in the electronic cigarettes and food industry, while the others vary across different industries. A prime accomplishment of Eli Taieb as a serial entrepreneur and seed investor involves the fitness industry. If you know how the digital fitness industry operates, you will surely realize the potential benefits that the investment of Elicko Taieb brought.

He helped in co-founding and funding the development of a fitness app known as Applete. Bear in mind that this was one of the major successes of Eli’s career. Read on to know about the Applete app and Eli’s success story.


Applete App- Co-Founding and Investing

Applete wasn’t just another app designed to share fitness tips and tricks. In fact, it was an app that came into the market with the purpose of helping at-home gym and workout enthusiasts. Since Elicko Taieb has remained involved in multiple industries throughout his serial entrepreneurial career, he paid attention to the growing fitness industry needs and potential for success.

Applete was more than an innovative platform for the fitness market. It was the brainchild of Isaac Nakash, who was the CEO. Moreover, Elicko Taieb became the co-founder with his generous funding and assisted in moving the idea of taking the fitness industry to the next level. The app contained everything a home-workout enthusiast could require in the form of a personal trainer without such expensive costs.

From strength training and cycling to treadmill running, the app offered workouts of all different sorts. Applete also contained audio-based features, which didn’t require you to keep looking at the screen throughout your workout to know what to do next. Applete also had coach-verified workouts, workout music collections, and more to make your sessions fun and convenient.

How did Elicko Taieb Help Applete?

Eli Taieb gained interest in the development of Applete after identifying the need and scope for its success. This was due to his keen observation and ability to identify potential in businesses in their final phases. His eye for detail let him develop a unique idea that would bring advancement in the fitness market and further push boundaries.

For that reason, Elicko Taieb became a partner with Isaac Nakash. The generous investments from Elicko made it possible for the development to finish seamlessly. More so, he also delivered his branding expertise along with business advisory. It is worth mentioning that Eli’s idea was to expand the reach of the app. He emphasized that the app should include people of different age groups and skills as well. Furthermore, Eli insisted on developing more features such as an audio-based and a completely user-oriented design.

Sky-High Efforts from Elicko Taieb

The purpose of Applete was to make workouts and at-home gym routines easier for people of all ages and skill levels. The app was entirely free for all users. This was only possible through the expert support and assistance of Eli Taieb.


Elicko Taieb has played a major role in many business ventures that span different industries, including pest control, CBD, food, fitness, real estate, and more. With an experience of over 20 years, he was able to accomplish feats that were otherwise impossible for an ordinary businessman to achieve.

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