Elicko Taieb is the man who made the creation of a successful at home fitness app more than just an idea.

When Applete CEO Isaac Nakash created the fitness app, it was Elicko who helped take it from idea to the App Store. Tired of spending money on gym memberships that didn’t seem to go anywhere, Applete changes how at-home fitness is approached.

Applete is different from other health and fitness apps on the market, using music as a pleasant, motivational approach to the experience. Using an auditory approach, voice instruction can lead you in each activity, whether it is cycling or guided strength training.

Elicko spent a lot of time doing extensive research on the health and fitness industry, along with apps, before he discovered that using an audio approach seemed to make a huge difference. Having been successful in several entrepreneurial ventures, Applete was no different.

Elicko Taieb was able to quickly market the app and make his name known within the health and fitness community. He is known for his research, project funding, and branding strategies while creating the app.

Elicko is also known for his work as a seed investor and serial entrepreneur, having been successful in many ventures and industries across the board.