Elicko Taieb- How Is Eli a Top Seed Investor?

Elicko Taieb is a seed investor who has invested in several early startups that offer completely innovative products and services. Eli has contributed to all major industries, whether it’s food, hospitality, cigarettes, health, and others. Health and fitness is one of the industries that Elicko finds profitable and demanding. For this reason, he launched an app that offers features you have never avail of before. Let’s read further to get ...
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Elicko Taieb Applete

Eli’s Superior Innovation in the Fitness Industry

Elicko Taieb showed extensive interest in the fitness industry as he targeted the popularity surrounding fitness apps with an entrepreneurial mindset. Elicko Taieb is known for turning different trends into a business reality. He applied the same approach to the fitness industry. He invested and created an app that catered to getting you fit. The app comes with different features and offers various workouts that guide and push users throughout ...
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Elicko Taieb – Co-Founder of Applete

Serial entrepreneurs contribute to the success of many businesses across various industries. You may think that being a serial entrepreneur gets easy once you embark on the journey to find the right business opportunities, investments, time, and resources. However, it is not an easy journey and requires the use of extensive characteristics and resources. You need knowledge, experience, expertise, creativity, and analytical skills to become a serial entrepreneur. Even then, ...
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fitness apps

The Best Fitness Apps Around

Fitness is never easy. Have you ever been looking for a great workout app that lets you get in a solid workout right from your phone? Having your workout right on your phone can be so helpful for working out from home or while you are on vacation. There are countless exercise apps on the App Store or Play Store. One of the tricky things is finding the one that ...
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