Elicko Taieb


You may not know that they’re only a few serial entrepreneurs in the world. Do you know why that is? Well, the main problem that comes with being a serial entrepreneur is that you have to turn your attention to a number of different business ventures across multiple industries. In simple words, that’s not easy! Many serial entrepreneurs have failed in doing so, but Elicko Taieb isn’t among those who failed. In fact, he’s not even among those who passed the challenges and failures as an ordinary businessman. He is among the most successful business figures in the US.

Eli Taieb kick-started his entrepreneurial career by investing in several food shops and restaurants. He’s a US-based businessman who invests and operates multiple businesses at once. But, his career began with the food industry and has continued to expand as he ventures into different industries. So while he started out in the food industry, his main achievements include the fitness industry.

Elicko Taieb – The Invention of Applete

Coming into contact with multiple business opportunities isn’t that difficult. However, capitalizing on every chance you get to make a profit is quite tricky. That’s what separates successful serial entrepreneurs like Elicko Taieb from an average businessman or even a business tycoon. Eli always had an eye for spotting the most important details from the industry he was in. He always wished to expand his entrepreneurial prowess and experience. So, he ended up venturing into the fitness industry with one of his knowledgeable acquaintances.

Finding Applete and developing the project were among his career’s biggest milestones. Since it was a fitness application designed for iOS and Android smartphones, it offered everything that a personal trainer did. But, all of that came with no costs at all. The application was free on Play Store and App Store for smartphones.

Elicko Taieb worked closely with Isaac Nakash on the project to turn it into a profitable venture while helping the fitness industry reach a new level of fitness and workouts. The provision of a fitness application for mobile phones meant that busy people could work out at any time or place with the help of professional coaches-verified lessons.

Eli Taieb – Fresh Ideas with Applete

The idea of Applete originally came from Isaac Nakash, and Eli Taieb helped capitalize on the business opportunity. While working to gain profits, he helped establish a separate brand for the product/service for fitness freaks, whether they were at home or away. The mobile application’s audio-based system offered direct instructions. Plus, it has music features allowing users to listen to their favorite genres while working out.

The personal trainer and professional coach-verified lessons covered different types of workouts, including cardio, strength training, weight loss, and weight training. The application didn’t require the user to stick with the screen. Rather, they can focus on their exercise as the application delivers instructions and calls out the time!


Elicko Taieb quickly became the heart and soul of the fitness industry’s great accomplishment, Applete. He was marketing and advertising the brand regardless of the time and energy it took. He was effective in promoting the application, and soon, it became a massive success!

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