Elicko Taieb took many industries by surprise when he started incredibly profitable business ventures. He started his career as a serial entrepreneur at the end of the last Millennia in 1999. Eli’s initial success came from the food industry. He operated nearly nine different restaurants and shops, including Amazing Pretzels and Richeli Deli. He quickly became famous in the serial entrepreneurial world.

One thing that you should know about Eli Taieb is that he is always at the forefront of achieving success. Regardless of the industry he is operating in, he has a knack for finding a diamond in the rough. Some of his notable achievements pertain to the electronic cigarettes industry. There, he fought a legal court case against the FDA. Furthermore, he was also part of the daily deals aggregator industry. He established a website that an overseas investor later bought. 

Elicko Taieb – Origin of Applete

During his career, Elicko Taieb came in contact with endless business opportunities. But did you know that he didn’t encounter losses or substantial defeats with any of his ventures? How was it possible? Well, he was quite sure of his business ventures and chose his battles wisely. Since he knew that one wrong turn could be detrimental to his time and investment, he was always on his toes. Eli’s ambition gained more support and strength from his business personality characteristics. However, the development of Applete in the fitness industry remains a milestone of his career.

This was a mobile application that helped people dedicated to home workouts and individual training. The application was the brainchild of CEO Isaac Nakash who integrated his efforts with Eli Taieb. Both worked together to design and improve the application.

In the end, the result was a mobile workout and training platform that was helpful for those who didn’t have time and passion for engaging with a one-on-one personal trainer. In reality, this mobile app was a personal trainer of the best sort.

Eli Tuning the Idea of Applete

The application was free and contained various guides and instructions on how to work out at home. The exercises weren’t monotonous and flexible while about different categories. The workouts available on Applete included the treadmill, cycling, running, and indoor strength training. From basic to complex workouts, this application contained the most reliable and legitimate fitness experts.

The experts eventually authorized the workout plans and all details relating to them inside the app. IN the end,, Elicko Taieb and Isaac Nakash took the next steps to finalize the service. Both became familiar with how the fitness industry demands were changing., 

So they realized the need for placing audio-based features that eliminated the need to focused on the screen for users. Applete also contained a collection of workout music extending to different tastes and styles. Users could now enjoy and maximize the fun of working out at home or any suitable space for training. 

This idea of home workout and fitness soon became popular, and they even got a 5-star rating on the platform it was on.


Elicko Taieb never stopped searching for profitable business ventures. He possesses a unique set of abilities, including a passion for observing and noting key market trends. Eli Taieb was an expert in many fields, but brand marketing and business consultancy were his strong suit whether he operated in the food, real estate, or fitness industry. 

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