Elicko Taieb is a seed investor who has invested in several early startups that offer completely innovative products and services. Eli has contributed to all major industries, whether it’s food, hospitality, cigarettes, health, and others.

Health and fitness is one of the industries that Elicko finds profitable and demanding. For this reason, he launched an app that offers features you have never avail of before. Let’s read further to get a better idea of what this app is all about.

How Top Seed Investor Elicko Taieb Made Applete?

As a serial entrepreneur and top seed investor, Elicko Taieb always had an eye to identify the need to introduce new products in different fields. He uses his smart business and marketing strategies to fill the gap in the fitness and health industry. Applete is one of his businesses that he established to offer people something unique and distinctive. To make it clear, it is s popular and demanding digital app that aims to provide the best, easy, and accessible fitness and health methods so that people can feel motivated and encouraged during their workout sessions.

 Elicko Taieb had done extensive and deep research before creating this app. Because of that, he realized it’s important to introduce modern music in the app. You may know music has the power to cheer up people and boost their mood. Listening to your favorite music while exercising can motivate you tremendously. Besides that, this mind-blowing app also uses body craze, fitness goals, and other aspects to help you involve passionately in your workout session. As one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs with expertise in managing real estate, food, and e-cigarette business, Elicko didn’t find it challenging to establish, maintain, and make Appellate profitable.

Not only did he come up with the idea of a fitness app, but he also initiated researches, funded the projects, and used branding strategies to create the app. Undoubtedly, through his hard work, exceptional knowledge, and creative skills, he made his name quickly in the fitness industry.

So, What is the App, and How Can People Benefit from It?

Do you ever feel the need for motivation, inspiration, or simply a push to perform a regular workout? You may have even taken the gym membership, downloaded multiple apps, or hired a trainer to help you focus on your fitness goals. But it has never worked. Right?

This is something that top seed investor Eli Taieb realized years ago, which forced him to introduce an app that gives you the feasibility to perform a workout wherever and whenever you want. The best part is that Eli has introduced features that motivate the user to practice exercises daily.

It is important to remember Applete is quite different from other fitness apps. This app revolves around the audio approach that gives a remarkable experience for users. Applete has also used the common idea that keeping the apps on hand helps you complete your task anytime.

Isaac Nakash was the investor of Applete, who found the idea of Eli Taieb profitable. Later, he also became the CEO of the company. The reason for the popularity of this app is that you don’t need to spend a hefty amount to get benefits from it. Plus, the voice instruction gives you a feeling that you are with a professional trainer that can guide you on every step. From cycling to running guide to strength training, this app can provide you everything that you require.

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